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At Passe-Partout we are continually looking for new and better ways to help people achieve their full potential.
Here are three recent additions to our portfolio which have got us especially excited.

Personal best

Personal Best is a unique staff development programme designed to enable employees make a spectacular and positive difference in at least one aspect of their work or life outside work.

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Kent Community Mentoring

Our Community Mentoring Programme is a ground-breaking development project designed to address two challenges affecting those who deliver public and community services:
• How to engage, retain and develop talented people
• How to respond to the rapid changes affecting relationships in service delivery

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Equilibrium for Life

In our quest for ways to deliver the truest possible personal insight, we have discovered the power of equine coaching. Because of their heightened sensitivity, horses and ponies are just about the most effective coaches you could wish for.

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Privacy Policy


BACKGROUND: Passe-Partout Consulting Limited understands that your privacy is important to you

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