World Values Day 19th Oct 2017 – FREE experiential event

Our values

At Passe-Partout Consulting we work hard to meet and reflect our values in all that we do, and so participating in World Values Day is extremely important. We are very clear about ours:
We trust your instincts; we change lives; we love to see you succeed.

World Values Day 2017 (19th October), is focussing on the “values gap”, to quote the UK values alliance:

Most organisations have a clear statement of values. But the reality for many of these is
that great sounding values can get trampled on in everyday life. It happens
everywhere. There is a gap that grows between how we could live those values and
how we actually behave – ‘the values gap’ “

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FREE equine assisted event for World Values Day

In support of the day we are hosting a unique event at Kits Coty Farm, the opportunity to embody the change needed to bridge the values gap. We are offering the chance to explore that gap as part of a free Equine Assisted Action Learning session.

Working alongside our horses there is the opportunity to explore experientially any shifts that are needed to breathe life into our values – to assess our personal congruence with the stated concept, or to simply reshape the wording. We invite you to come and join the horses and explore safely, and without judgement, the distance between intention and practice.

Let the horses act as a physical metaphor for your values.

Your facilitators for the morning will Margaret Strudwick and Graeme Green.

Join us on 19th October, together lets bridge the gap and make this World Values Day count.

Kits Coty Farm, 87 Salisbury Road, Aylesford ME20 7EW – 9:30am to 11:30am. Coffee and croissants on arrival.

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To register your place please contact:

Alexandra Taskin