Personal Best – The Approach

When a brain surgeon operates, the first thing he or she has to do is to “map” the brain of the patient. This involves applying tiny electric currents to different parts of the brain to understand which feels and actions and which part stimulates.

It might be thought odd that this brain mapping exercise has to take place for each patient – after all, an experienced surgeon ought to know which parts of the brain connect to things like sight, leg movement or hearing music.

But that is the point – every brain is different. To understand how anyone thinks, walks and talks, it is necessary to understand their unique brain map.

Personal Best has been designed on this principle – that everyone is different, and what works for one of us, may be totally ineffective for someone else.

It is a unique employee development programme, put together to help each participant achieve a goal which matters to them. This could be a work-related goal, or to do with something outside work – the only requirement is that participants must identify at least one of these goals – which we will call Personal Breakthrough Goals.

There are two main elements of Personal Best designed to support participants to achieve their breakthrough goal.

  1. Coaching        The coach’s role is to help participants agree and achieve their goal
  2. Workshops     There are four half-day (three hour) workshops during the programme

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