Resilience in an Ambiguous World

The VUCA world

The business world – private or public sector – has become an increasingly intangible environment, there is a growing inevitability around organisational change, which seems to occur at an increasing pace, fed by economic, political and technological volatility. Let Alexandra Taskin and Nick Allsopp explain (click below) and then carry to find out about how we can help.

VUCAIt is coming to be recognised as a VUCA environment, which brings new challenges and corresponding requirements for those leading and managing teams, they need to be able to:
  • Reinforce what stays constant (Vision, Values and Core Purpose) and help people see what significant change will look like for them
  • Prioritise continual dialogue to establish and share Understanding
  • Be clear and firm about standards and requirements, to ensure Clarity
  • Develop self-reliance, resilience and resourcefulness in their teams to foster Agility

Communication is essential.

Organisations have always run on conversations – high quality conversations enable good decisions, effective co-ordination and mutual commitment and understanding.  Evidence suggests that in our context of constant change, engaging our people in genuine dialogue is becoming more important than ever. Line managers who are skilful in holding productive conversations develop greater resilience, problem-solving ability and commitment in their teams.  This workshop provides an opportunity to develop and hone a skillset critical to leading change and managing performance; and it will also build your ability to manage crucial conversations with stakeholders.  The day has been designed to give you plenty of space for practice and reflection, in a way that relates to the challenges you deal with every day.

Learning outcomes

This workshop is for anyone who manages people - whether you are experienced or new to a line management role.  It has been designed to provide you with: Demonstrable knowledge of evidence-based good practice in leading change, holding coaching conversations and difficult conversations Appreciation of how effective line management behaviours in these areas influence employee engagement and performance Confidence and skill in: Adopting a coaching approach during interaction with direct reports; Holding potentially difficult conversations related to performance (this may be with staff and/or stakeholder groups) or the impact of organisational changes; Leading people through change.