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Personal Best is a groundbreaking employee development programme designed to help participants make a spectacular difference to their personal individual performance or achievement. It is a unique, interactive learning experience. It’s been designed to stimulate four brain chemicals which promote focus, trust, happiness and resilience.

Personal Best builds on current neuroscience understanding around what enables us to think, interact and perform at a high level, even when the going is tough.  We zero in on the four neurotransmitters most influential on day-to-day behaviour providing participants with the most personal, insightful and motivating workplace learning they have ever experienced.

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Personal Best
delegates will:

  • Learn to understand and manage their own mindset
  • Be inspired to set and achieve personal and business goals, with 1 to 1 support to achieve them
  • Improve their own well-being in the workplace and at home
  • Take relationships to a new and more effective level
  • Develop personal confidence and resilience, enhancing performance in challenging and pressured situations

To date we have trained over 2000 people to be the best they can be!  We believe that everyone regardless of status, age and background can achieve positive behavioural change.  We have taken the best of what neuro and behavioural science have to offer, making it accessible to front-line employees.

“Having worked in people development for over 20 years, it is rare that a training opportunity arises that has the potential to make such a huge difference to employee motivation and fulfilment,  Personal Best offers an employee-centric solution that undoubtedly does both” – Head of Organisational Development, Housing and Care 21



What's so different?

Personal Best invites delegates to set (and deliver) a personal breakthrough goal for in at least one aspect of their life; uniquely that can be a career development or something aspirational to enrich their life outside of the workplace.

Unlike traditional staff development, Personal Best is:

  • Not just for leaders or managers
  • Not just about work, but about participants’ whole lives
  • Not focused on remedying weaknesses, but on playing to strengths
  • Not about skills and knowledge, but about beliefs, values and behaviour
Personal Best recognises that everyone has core strengths, we help staff to identify those strengths and build experientially from there with activities aligned to stimulating and developing the production of four key neurochemicals. Please click here to read about more about those chemicals and the value that underlies in this groundbreaking approach.