Coaching and Mentoring


At Passe-Partout we are great believers in the power of coaching and mentoring to deliver lasting results.

We operate across the full spectrum of coaching and mentoring services including:

  • 1:1 coaching and mentoring at executive, management and staff levels - including performance and career-oriented coaching
  • Team coaching and action learning
  • Design and delivery of skills development in coaching and mentoring, both for specialised services and in-line coaching
  • Provision of Chartered Management Institute accredited coaching and mentoring programmes at Levels 5 and 7
  • Provision of coaching supervision
  • Consultancy support for the implementation of coaching and mentoring programmes.

There are two unique elements to our offering which, to our knowledge, are only available from Passe-Partout:

  • Our accredited Fostering a Coaching Culture programme
  • Our Community Mentoring programme which matches mentoring pairs across different organisations.

Fostering a Coaching Culture

This CMI Level 7 accredited programme covers two dimensions of coaching:

  • Strategic: how to plan, implement and evaluate a corporate coaching framework
  • Practical: the knowledge and skills required for effective and versatile 1:1 performance coaching.

It is delivered via workshops, learning sets and - crucially - a supported cultural assessment of how best to introduce coaching in participants’ organisations.

Passe-Partout Consulting are a Chartered Management Institute approved centre.  For more information on our CMI accredited coaching and mentoring programmes, please contact Annette Stephens, Trainer and CMI Centre Manager:  07825 067 734 or email:  

Community Mentoring

Our Community Mentoring programme is a proven development project designed to address two challenges affecting those who deliver public and community services:

  • How to engage, retain and develop talented people
  • How to respond to the rapid changes affecting relationships in service delivery

For people who work in public service, traditional organisational boundaries and career paths are disappearing. Community Mentoring is intended to help employees make sense of these changes, and maximise their own opportunities for personal growth and career development.

It draws on current evidence about what works best in adult development, combining mentoring, collaborative learning and practical experimentation in a six month package; and is aimed primarily at employees with the potential and appetite to bring about positive change for their organisations and the communities they serve.

Benefits to Mentors:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Knowledge sharing and best practice
  • Personal development - refreshes existing mentoring skills
  • Produces inspired mentees and satisfied mentors
Benefits to Mentees:
  • Personal development and enriching career and enhancing skills
  • Support from someone outside their organisation to help achieve goals
  • Being able to share issues and ideas with others
  • Develop confidence to reaching potential

This is a six month programme.  Participating organisations will put forward Mentees and Mentors for the programme and are well matched to people from other employers.

We are excited to announce that the 2019 programme has been extended to Sussex.  For more details of the Kent Community Mentoring Programme 2019 or Sussex Community Mentoring Programme 2019, please click on the relevant link.