Breakthrough learning

In some respects this description could apply to our whole offering, since most of what we do is designed to help each participant achieve a personal breakthrough.  But we tend to reserve it for special programmes which have an intensive focus on helping people make or bring about a positive change.

The Real Deal

An immersive learning programme for new and aspiring team leaders, The Real Deal uses the setting of a fictitious business unit to provide a solid foundation in all aspects of managing a team.  It is structured in three phases: Coverage relates to five critical dimensions of team leadership:

  • Team structure - using structure and role definition to maximise team effectiveness
  • Influential leadership - understanding people and getting the best from them
  • Team systems - establishing shared systems and processes for service,  performance management and communication
  • Managing uncertainty - anticipating and responding to factors which can derail team performance
  • Building trust, resilience and commitment - having positive and deliberate influence on team culture and climate.


With the kind support of Kent Police, we have been able to use the Maidstone Hydra suite to deliver some truly transformational development for senior leaders. Hydra is a high fidelity, immersive simulation training system, which enables the monitoring of real-time leadership and decision-making during critical incidents. The system was originally developed to train detectives, but in recent years the wider potential of this powerful learning environment has been recognised. During each simulation, delegates are divided into teams of three or four. Each team operates within a separate pod -  a small room, monitored via CCTV and boundary microphones. The pod is supplied with a computer, printer, and any other necessary equipment.  Facilitators run the exercise from within a central control room. Here, they can see and hear the teams at all times via the CCTV, as well as observing the decisions they make.

We use Hydra to run crisis simulation: observing, recording and playing back the behaviour of our senior delegates as they grapple with the unfolding scenario. The result is among the most powerful learning experiences we have known, as participants see their own behaviour and its consequences played out in front of them.

The Catalyst Suite

In 2000, Passe-Partout pioneered Internal Reviewer Development - a programme still used today to train in-house teams to take ownership of the Investors in People process. Since then, we have refined the programme and offer a suite of linked programmes with the shared aim of building internal capability to drive culture change.  Included in the Catalyst Suite are:

  • Internal consultancy skills
  • Change champion development
  • Healthchecker development, and
  • How to be a catalyst.

Programmes are customised to fit client requirements and culture, so format and coverage can vary widely.  Typically though, the structure includes:

  • Initial skills and knowledge training
  • Practical diagnostic or improvement projects
  • A review day to share findings and key learning.

Mindfulness in the workplace

The practice of mindfulness is widely recognised to heighten our awareness of our mental and emotional states, and in so doing, to support us in managing them. In the workplace it is increasingly acknowledged to offer very tangible benefits, both in terms individual wellbeing and performance.

Our programmes support such benefits as:

  • improving concentration and focus
  • increasing productivity and performance
  • increasing resilience and our ability to handle pressure and stress
  • promoting clearer and more balanced judgement and decision making
  • strengthening our ability to work with and alongside others
  • developing awareness and understanding of the needs of customers and clients
  • reducing levels of conflict - both with self and others

To find out more about how our programmes can help your workplace please check out the links below.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

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We run experiential learning programs with horses.  There is growing evidence that horses are able to provide the most instant and accurate feedback about our emotions, behaviours and interaction with the world. ELF has six trained horses/ponies: probably the most honest coaches you could wish to work with!  Their immediate, moment-by-moment, feedback delivers unique insight.  This is interpreted by our skilled facilitators, who will help you translate the learning into tangible action. You don’t need any special previous experience or affinity with horses - this is learning that works for everyone.

It is especially beneficial as part of:

  • Experiential leadership training
  • Teambuilding
  • Coaching

ELF learning fuses current thinking from the worlds of the neuroscience, adult development and sports science, and in particular:

  • How neurotransmitters (like serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins) affect our mood and behaviour
  • The value of mindfulness for the development of true insight and appropriate goals
  • Ways to develop a growth mindset
  • The critical relationship between high performance and purposeful practice.

2017 EQUINE THERAPY – Wisdom Hospice and Pilgrims Hospice are our chosen charities

As part of our community commitment, we also use our horses to provide therapy for those with mental health issues, autism, confidence challenges and addictions.

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