Personal Best – individual stories

With over 1000 having been through this unique programme we are collecting some incredible "Personal Best" experiences

Claire's story

“The facilitator was inspiring, motivational and energising- the stories he told about his relationships with his children made me reconsider my approach with my own children. I have always thought and expressed to my children that my son is the logical thinker and my daughter the arty one, but that’s not right. I should be encouraging them both to be everything that they are and can be.”

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Bev's story

“I enjoyed all of it. In the first session we completed a Harrison’s assessment, which helped tell us our strengths and weaknesses. Getting the results from the initial assessment was quite a poignant moment for me. It made me look at my work life- what was working and what wasn’t working so well and then revaluate what I wanted from my job and my life. My work-home life balance was quite far from what I wanted and although I was doing my job, I wasn’t being innovative with it.”

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Alan's story

I had no idea what to expect when I started the programme, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s really rare working for the council these days to get the chance to mix with other departments and get some quality training. The scope of the Personal Best programme is very far reaching- there are so many things I’ve learnt which I have applied to my work life.”


Lee's story

“The programme is amazing!! It helps you reflect on yourself as you are now, and then gives you the focus and drive to achieve what you really want from the future.

I can honestly say if you take away the techniques and knowledge that are jam packed into every session, it can seriously change your life for the better.”


Jessica's story

“The session in which we were taught about the colours of communication was something that really stuck with me; learning everyone communicates differently and how you can adapt how you communicate with different people to form better relationships. I had great fun talking about what colours everyone was with the rest of my team!”

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Mark's story

“I have learnt a whole series of things from the PB programme. What it has done for me on a personal level is honed some skills I already have and made me conscious of the things I’m good at and not so good at, e.g. listening. Having now identified this, I’m trying to be a more active listener and a result am having much better conversations with people.


Richard's story

“Many individuals have grown in confidence since participating in the programme and there is a noticeable improvement in performance. Just last week we had our annual Appraisal awards and a great number of people who did Personal Best achieved high quality or outstanding”


Sarah's story

“I completed the programme last year and am very pleased to say that I am about to reach my target of running 10km! The facilitator was such an inspiration, throughout the programme motivated me to start running again.


Sheralee's story

I have been inspired by both my mentees commitment and positivity towards this programme. I know how busy both of them are, but they have really enjoyed this opportunity to concentrate of themselves.”


Sue's story

I only attended the first session, but I found it extremely clever and thought provoking.  The atmosphere was hugely positive and every delegate that I spoke to took away something positive from the experience.  Many found just being part of something with colleagues from across the organisation beneficial.  I hear that the coaching sessions have been well received and in a few instances, quite life changing.”


Sonja's story

“I will be truly sad when the course ends.  I know we all look forward to coming in on Personal Best days

I am using everything I have learnt to influence both my work and personal life – to anyone thinking about attending Personal Best, I would say “do it”.


Wendy's story

There was enthusiasm from all the participants on the course and a great atmosphere of working together and wanting each other to achieve too.  I thought it was wonderful that Pilgrims Hospice encouraged personal goals not just working ones. I was really pleased to be part of this course which helped people to plan goals and dreams.  It was lovely to see people move forward and achieve