Exploring the values gap

We had a very powerful learning experience at Kits Coty exploring the “values gap” with Equilibrium for Life CIC and Ernie, in support of the big challenge set for World Values Day 2017.

Maggie Strudwick – member of the UK Values Alliance – took the group through a facilitated an insightful and thought-provoking discussion of our values, to quote: they are invisible, and we tend not to be consciously aware of them, until someone or something clashes with them.

As a group, we acknowledged that there is often a little difference between our stated values, and what tends to play out in practice.

So individually we each chose one value challenge, which we then took to Ernie – the grey Irish Draft horse that lives in the Kits Coty herd. In the arena we undertook an embodied exploration of the difference between intention and practice.  We then each worked through the necessary journey reflecting the change required to bring behaviour back in line with value.

The initial reflections on the day contain evidence of some strong individual learning experiences.

  • It was a very humbling experience, and enlightening in ways that I could not have imagined at the beginning of the day. I walk away with real satisfaction and happiness.
  • Overcoming resistance to change needs purpose and courage to move forward.
  • I now have a clear understanding of the direction needed to facilitate change. I have experienced the personal rewards of change.


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