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Appreciative enquiry

This is one of our favourite exercises – it never fails to energise a group and get people accentuating the positive.

Rules of engagement cards

We use this in sessions where influencing or motivation are on the agenda.  Sorting the cards is a good way to understand the range of available appr...

Innovation cases

These provide a great way to understand how innovation happens – short stories of real business innovations (with a couple of myths thrown in fo...

Three decision-making tools

As it says on the tin, three of the more practical tools for making complex decisions.

Six leadership styles

Summaries of very different leadership styles, describing their applications and desired effects.

Intelligent goal setting

SMART is not the only way to frame objectives – this summary looks at how goal or objective statements can be tailored to their owners and the c...

Immunity to change

A summary of Kegan and Lahey’s ground-breaking process for breaking down our hidden resistance to change which we may think we have bought into.

Coaching contract

We include this for anyone who feels they may be interested in coaching – this short and simple document tells you most of what you need to know...