CIPD nomination: Consultancy of the Year

I am very proud that Passe-partout have been nominated for Consultancy of the Year at the 2017 Kent CIPD.

This is an important recognition of our commitment to developing the individual within the workplace as well as the leaders. Our programmes – such as Personal Best – are now consistently producing strong and very positive feedback, delivering not only improvements in performance and engagement, but are fostering empowerment and individual resilience.

These programmes are proving time after time that there is a real return on investment to be realised when we offer personal learning to the individual, whatever their level.

Sevenoaks DC – recently awarded a rare platinum level by Investors in People – put around 150 staff through Personal Best. Delegates had some profound learning experiences, or example:

“I’ve never been on a programme like this – I was encouraged and challenged to think about how I interact with those around me. It has vastly improved my relationships at home and work”

“It has been an inspirational and modern way to learn through peer groups at workshops…. it has opened my mind to address challenges, how to tackle obstacles in a healthy and productive way.

The value of the programme at the organisation level was well summarised by the Head of Organisational Development at Housing and Care 21.

“Having worked in people development for over 20 years, it is rare that a training opportunity arises that has the potential to make such a huge difference to employee motivation and fulfilment, Personal Best offers an employee-centric solution that undoubtedly does both”.

Our work is increasingly founded on the developing insights that are coming from neuroscience – this research provides strong insight into the decision-making processes and motivation at an individual level. In crafting solutions that develop individual commitment we facilitate engagement and create personal ownership of change. In making it personal, we make it stick; and when we make it stick then we sustain the benefit. And when we sustain that benefit, we foster real organisation and cultural change.

This commitment is further reflected in our highly successful Line Manager Development Programmes which we are facilitating across NHS England and our popular Mindfulness in the Workplace series. We keep the lens clearly focussed on the individual – managing themselves and managing others, nurturing a personal ownership for their actions and reactions, and an understanding of the very real shadows we cast as managers and colleagues.

Again that commitment to individual success shines through and we are seeing some very real expressions of personal insight from those engaged in the learning:

“The programme encouraged me to broaden my thinking, both my own mind-set about my strengths and areas for growth, but also about what skills I had that could be used in a different way.”

“It is a well-run course where everyone is able and encouraged to participate. It is helpful to come together with colleagues across the organisation and understand similarities in work practice and share solutions.”

At Passe-partout Consulting we really are committed developing your business one person at a time.

To find out more about our commitment the supporting success contact me directly (as below), visit our website, or come and meet us at this year’s CIPD event at Olympia.



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