what we do

At Passe-Partout we believe that everyone can grow and succeed if they have a good understanding of their own mindset and motivation.

Until recently this might have seemed like a leap of faith.  But today – with the evidence from longitudinal brain-imaging studies – we know that people are capable of developing their mental agility and resilience well into old age.  The differences between those who do and those who don’t comes down to two simple factors: mindset and environment.

So our focus is to work with individuals on mindset, and help employers to create the right environmental conditions.

Our programmes equip people with the insight, confidence and technical ability to achieve in challenging contexts.  We call this breakthrough learning, and all our services are designed around helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve their own breakthrough.

Our approach

We feel like we are at the top of our game right now, combining rich experience in the field with the fantastic insights continually coming through from research in neuroscience and behaviour.

Our current approach to learning design and delivery has three core elements:

  • Designing programmes to engage through personal focus and insight, managing emotion and environment to create the optimum learning experience
  • Equipping participants with multiple tools and techniques, from the intuitive to the complex, with delivery formats which make learning stick
  • Empowering our learners and coaching clients to take action and personal ownership.