A few kind words

We all know it is good to talk. We are social animals, we are hardwired to be social. Without our active and constructive social ties we compromise our mental health. Absence of these ties lead to loneliness and isolation. According to the UK Office of National Statistics 5% of adults report a regular experience of loneliness.

Talk is a very necessary part of being social. Finding time to talk, acknowledges the thoughts and experiences of those who are being heard. A balanced and engaging exchange is relieving and relaxing.

Yet it is not just about talk. Talk can draw us together, but it can also push others away. The quality of that talk is also key. Being genuinely present for those that we talk with is important. Balanced interpersonal exchanges generate Oxytocin, not just bonding those in discussion in the moment, but reducing levels of stress hormones like Cortisol.

At Passe-Partout we are committed to supporting good mental health and wellbeing, our work reflects this with social interaction at the heart of our training, be it as a leader or manager understanding the effect of the shadow that we cast, or building the means to have constructive communication through developing coaching or mentoring skills.

Part of the skill is also recognising that others might need to be heard. Seeing that colleagues need to talk is an intuitive skill, but how often do we shy away from that conversation. Reaching out takes courage, it is not a soft skill. It sees the need and acts. And in action can provide relief. Sometimes that is all that is needed, sometimes we might advise, sometimes we may have to signpost. And as such talk can be hope. Talk can be release. Talk might bring change.

Talk is the courage of our intuitive human compassion made to manifest.

Who will you take time to talk with today.